Horse Halters - Unique Foal to Yearling Halter

Horse halters are not all alike. A foal to yearling halter for all horse breeds is an idea whose time has come! Horse tack for sale, specializing in the one and only Foal to Yearling Halter.

An Adjustable Halter that
Fits Foals of All Horse Breeds

Buying horse halters for your foal is like buying shoes for a human toddler. You have to keep buying new ones because they outgrow them within a few months or even weeks and trying new ones on can be a real challenge. It’s just not their idea of a fun time! best horse halter available here

Finding horse halters that will fit can be a challenge, when you are shopping for horse tack for sale. Your foal, depending a lot on the breed of horse, could have a wide head or a narrow one, a long head or a short one, the muzzle may be wide or narrow.

Even within a breed, there will be variations in the individual foal. We can’t help you with your human baby, but we have created the perfect solution for those of you who have a foal or are expecting one soon.

Adjustable Leather Horse Halters for Foals
Save You Money and Are Safer

For decades my husband, Bill and I kept a large array of different sized foal halters in the tack room. When a foal outgrew its halter we would have to bring out a few choices of halters we thought may fit and try them on.

Once we found one that fit the best—it would rarely be perfect—we would have to do the same thing again in just a couple of months, we were always searching for foal halters.

Now multiply that by a paddock full of spring foals and that meant a lot of different sized halters taking up a lot of space in our tack room and resulting in quite an investment.

There are nylon foal halters, in horse tack stores, for sale that are less expensive than the usual leather counterparts, but I find that, over time, they become very stiff and difficult to adjust.

There is also a safety concern with using the nylon. No matter how diligent you are about keeping your foal away from anything protruding or hazardous you never know when a storm might blow over a fence, a tree may fall or break a branch or an accident happen that may put your foal in danger.

If your foal gets its halter caught on something and cannot break loose, it will be in danger of hurting itself, or even strangling, while struggling to get free. Nylon will usually not break, but leather generally will, freeing your foal.

Our fully adjustable, single strap “turn-out” halter will fit your foal comfortably, and it will be safe. No need to look further for horse tack for sale.

Patented 5-point Adjustable Halter Grows with Your Foal You Will Only Need One!

Sometimes when you get an idea, you wonder why it took you so long to think if it! I got the idea for our patented 5-point adjustable halter when I was watching a friend trying halters on his foal.

It was a handsome bay colt with a distinctive blaze face. Even after trying on numerous halters, the closest fitting one left the nose band almost covering the colt's nostrils! After returning back to Mares' Nest, I designed a halter that not only had the usual two adjustable buckles on the crown and the one under the chin, but two more on the cheeks that would adjust the length.

Our Foal to Yearling Experience

Bill and Lill Nichols offer the combined experience of more than 100 years in the Thoroughbred breeding world. Bill and Lill are the owners and operators of Mares' Nest, a well-known Thoroughbred breeding farm in northern California, as well as the co-breeders of Seabiscuit's most successful racing descendant, Sea Orbit.

Now you can have one halter that will fit your foal from about two months of age through the weanling stage and well into its yearling year. An added bonus is that you don’t have to take it off to adjust it. When you notice your foal has another growth spurt and the halter needs adjusting, you can do it on the spot and on the foal.

Our patented foal to yearling halters (“turn out” halters)

  • Are made of quality single strap leather – ¾” wide.
  • Have five buckles and keepers on the chin and cheek straps.
  • Sturdy nickel plated buckles.

Our double stitched halters

  • Have two layers of quality leather, double stitched – ¾” wide.
  • Five buckles and keepers identical to the turn-out version.
  • Are so beautiful some people have told us they almost hate to use them!

Many breeds of horses are wearing our leather halters for foals: Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Welch Ponies, Warm Bloods, Miniature Horses and even specially sized halters for Clydesdale foals.

This unique adjustable halter is the only one of its' kind on the market today that can be worn from early suckling through to mid yearling. Be prepared for the upcoming foaling season. Order your foal halters today with this link.

Foal to yearling halters are for sale here. We will take special orders for custom sizes to your specifications. We can supply you with a halter to fit your foal, no matter what it's breed.

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Single strap foal to yearling halter

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double stitched, double strap foal to yearling halter.

Others prefer the double stitch, double strap Foal to Yearling Halter. Is this the halter for your foal?

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Enjoy this terrific read, by Bill Nichols ...
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