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How To Care For Foals & Yearlings

This site is dedicated to all horse breeders - from big barns to backyard - who want to be informed of all the best practices and safety tips for foals and yearlings.

Bill & Lill Nichols have over 40+ years of expertise to share with you.

Foal Halters

Foal halters for your foal to yearling. Find discount horse tack, custom leather horse halter and ...

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Newborn Foals - Caring for Foals

Read how to care for newborn foals. Caring for foals properly, especially if this is your first foal, is critical ...

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Imprinting Your Foal

Properly imprinting your foal will determine behavior patterns. The importance of foal imprinting, or foal imprint can impact weaning a foal ...

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Foal Halter

Clear advantages to this leather foal halter - Considering foal safety and foal growth, a simple nylon or rope halter can be dangerous to

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Common Foal Problems

Common foal problems, including foal diarrhea and entropion, are just a few of the horse ailments you may encounter when caring for foals.

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