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First you must consider foal safety and foal growth. When you are rearing a foal, selecting a rope halter or a nylon halter may place your foal in danger.

Your foals safety must always be of prime consideration. Any item you purchase should pass the "Horse Safety Equipment" consideration. An ill-fitting halter is NOT safe equipment.

Selecting the proper halter or "head collar", as it is called in many parts of the world, for your young horse is a very important decision. The adjustable leather Foal to Yearling Halter is a combination of a custom foal halter and a custom yearling halter.

One choice that you must make is whether to select a halter made of leather or of nylon. There is a very good reason for using leather for the youngsters halter. Colorful nylon halters can sometimes be used on an older horse. They are rugged, and hold up well through all types of weather.

However, as they age nylon halters can become very stiff and difficult to adjust, but they are strong and resist breaking. This can be a positive for an older horse, but is a definite negative for a young one.

leather horse halters are best for rearing your foal.

Young foals are curious by nature and often get their heads in places where their halters can get caught.

There is a very good chance that a leather halter will break, freeing the animal. However, a nylon halter will usually not break which can cause an injury.

For this reason, we never use a nylon halter on a foal or a yearling.

Low Cost Halters

There are other factors to be decided on, in addition to the material used to make the halter. Among them are cost and size. Foal growth is rapid and assuring that the halter fits is a constant problem.

A foal halter that fits in March or April will probably not fit two months later and will require a replacement. By mid-yearling time, the halter will probably have been replaced a minimum of two or three times.

You will find that with standard leather horse halters, the available sizes are not standardized and finding a replacement halter can be challenging. The Foal to Yearling halter is the most economical halter available, because it eliminates purchasing so many replacements.

Replacement Halters Are Now Obsolete

Problem solved! The custom halters you will find on this site will free you from halter replacement problems.

This attractive leather halter is the only one needed from the time your foal is a young suckling until it reaches mid-yearling age or older.

It will usually fit by the time the foal outgrows a baby halter, typically at about two months of age. The standard halter only has an adjustment on the crown strap and sometimes on the chin strap.

This allows only for the growth of the head as it broadens and fills out, but doesn’t consider the fact that the foals’ head also lengthens as it matures.

You will never worry again about finding replacement foal halters with longer cheek straps as well as the correct sized crown and chin straps.

One Perfect Halter for your Foal to Yearling

thoroughbred injuries can be avoided with leather horse halters.

The remarkably innovative Foal to Yearling Halter is adjustable at the crown, the chin and most importantly at the cheek straps.

This patented leather horse halter eliminates the need to buy various sized halters in order to accommodate for the rapid growth of the young horse.

Adjustments can be easily made while the halter remains on your youngster. Now you have leather horse halters that can remain on the foal through weaning and well into the yearling year. This is a plus in rearing a foal.

The combination of a custom foal halter (head collar) and a custom yearling halter is very economical, saving you money over purchasing two or three replacement halters.

This foal to yearling leather halter is owner and caretaker friendly. A simple adjustment from time to time will keep your young horse in a well fitting halter from early suckling to mid-yearling.

What could be easier? With your Foal to Yearling halter you’ll discover that one halter does it all.

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