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Foal Halters That Grow With Your Foal

Foal halters for your foal to yearling. The one horse halter that adjusts as your foal grows. We offer this unique, patented custom leather horse halter with your foal in mind. 

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Save Money and Frustration By Having One Foal Halter That Fits - For Over A Year.

See how the foal to yearling halter can safely grow with your foal here.

Double Stitched Foal Halters

Double Stitched/Double Leather Foal Halters

  • Custom leather horse halter.
  • Have two layers of quality leather, double stitched – ¾” wide.
  • Five buckles and keepers identical to the turn-out version.
  • Are so beautiful some people have told us they almost hate to use them!

This attractive adjustable halter is stronger and more durable than the single strap. 

Each Double Stitched + Double Leather Turnout Halter..............................$39.95

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Double Stitch Double Strap Halter, leather halter

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Sea biscuit - The Rest Of The Story

This memoir written by Bill Nichols tells the story of the famous race horse's life and his human connections.

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Seabiscuit-The Rest Of The Story

This 4-CD voice book is in an easy to listen to format.

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