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Experience Mares' Nest

A Well Known Thoroughbred Horse Farm 

Mares Nest is all about Thoroughbred horses. We have been breeding and raising Thoroughbreds for several decades and are proud and pleased that many people consider them to be among California’s best known Thoroughbred horses. 

We board lay-ups and broodmares and are experienced at foaling mares and raising the foals. We have prospective race-horses for sale privately or in the yearling sales. 

Boarding at Mares' Nest

Mares’ Nest is located in the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. It is a small farm and we limit the number of boarders we can accommodate.

Mares' Nest is one of the most famous thoroughbred horse farms in California.

For that reason, we are able to give the Thoroughbreds individualized personalized care. We specialize in boarding broodmares and raising their foals for the yearling sales or until they are ready to go into training.

We also board lay-ups from the tracks. Our rates are competitive.  

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An unusual aspect of our boarding rates, one that separates us from most other thoroughbred horse farms, is that we perform many services on a complimentary basis. We give vaccines and worming medication at cost, which is a major savings to clients for Veterinary care. 

Additionally, there is no service charge for registering foals and taking pictures. You only pay for The Jockey Club registration fee. 

Mares' Nest does not charge for halter training or imprinting the foal. This is all included in the basic boarding charge.


Turn Out - $15.00 - Stall Care - $17.50 - Sucklings - $3.50

Foaling at Mares' Nest

Our foaling stalls are equipped with television monitors and the mares are closely watched. A Veterinarian is on call for difficult foalings, but we find it is rarely necessary to use his assistance. (Another savings). 

Newborn foals are imprinted at birth and handled daily. This care is evident by observing their attitudes and dispositions when it comes time to prepare them for the sales ring or to begin their training.

Do You Know Seabiscuit?

Mares’ Nest has a close connection with the world famous champion Seabiscuit. The owners of this  thoroughbred horse farm are Bill and Lill Nichols. 

Bill is well known for his Seabiscuit experiences. He was a resource person for “Seabiscuit – An American Legend” by renowned author Laura Hillenbrand. He also did a television “promo” for the motion picture: "Seabiscuit”. Additionally, he is the author of  “Seabiscuit – The Rest of the Story”. Read more about this exciting book, the Story of Seabiscuit here.

Foal to Yearling Halters - New!

Lill Nichols was busy inventing the “Foal to Yearling Halter” while husband and partner Bill was involved in his book. 

This innovative and labor and money saving halter is described fully in this web site. 

Get your foal to yearling halter here. 

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