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Seabiscuit, the Rest of the Story

Order your copy of Seabiscuit, the Rest of the Story by Bill Nichols right here and enjoy reading this important part of the history of the thoroughbred. 

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The History Of The Thoroughbred, Seabiscuit 

“Seabiscuit – The Rest of the Story is a very insightful look at an innocent time in America. This is one of the most loved of all the thoroughbred horse books. This book is filled with information relating to the world of Thoroughbred horse racing and it takes an in-depth look at the common man whose lives and livelihoods were entwined with a national icon, this most famous race horse. We often read non-fiction and wonder what happened to these people. “Seabiscuit – The Rest of the Story” will fill you in. Enjoy this Seabiscuit book or CD Set!

-Tracy Livingston, President of the S H Foundation

Seabiscuit - The Rest Of The Story

This memoir written by Bill Nichols tells the story of the famous race horse's life and his human connections.

1 Book.................................$12.99

Seabiscuit - The Rest Of The Story on CD

This 4-CD voice book is in an easy to listen to format.

1 CD Set..............................$24.99

"This book is one of the best I have ever read and a wonderful glimpse into the history of a great race horse and the people who were part of his life. It also contains historical facts about a country and its people during the Great Depression. This famous race horse's life, and his accomplishments were a diversion from the hopelessness and grief that pervaded those times. It also touches on how the Depression affected the sport of horse racing. Above all, it keeps the memories of this great champion and those who loved him alive. This thoroughbred was wonder, magic, and hope. When reading this book I felt as though I was a part of all that."

-P. Schmehl 

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