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Read Testimonials for the Foal to Yearling Halter

The Foal to Yearling halter is by far the best halter ever. Read what others are saying about the Foal to Yearling halter - one halter does it all!

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Foal Halters That Grow With Your Foal

“From the very first time we saw the halters designed by Lillian Nichols, we knew the Foal to Yearling halter was a winner. We have used the double stitched version on our young horses for several years now. The high quality and suppleness of the leather, and the ease of changing the size as the babies grow are just two reasons we find these halters a great value. They have lasted through rain, heat, and other foal's teeth and are still going strong.It is a pleasure to be able to use just one halter and simply adjust it as the foal grows. If that isn’t enough, in both 2007 and 2008, our yearlings arrived at the yearlings sale wearing their Foal to Yearling halters and they both topped the sale! Are the halters a lucky charm to boot? We’re taking no chances!”
--Fred and LeAnn Lercari, Lercari Thoroughbreds ——
“I have had the privilege of using the Foal to Yearling Halters since they became available, and will continue to do so. These halters are rugged, attractive-looking and are made of quality materials. They have lasted for years from foal to foal through all the abuse a young horse can offer. I highly recommend them to anyone that raises young horses.”
--Eileen Matson, The Blue Moon Farm Thoroughbreds
“I bought my first Foal to Yearling halters three years ago and have not had to purchase any other foal or yearling field halters since. Previously, I would have to buy at least two new foal halters and two new yearlings halters each year. The Foal to Yearling halter has saved me at least several hundred dollars over the past three years.
The quality and durable design of the double stitched leather is strong enough to handle even the most temperamental foals and yearlings. I love the expansion buckles on the sides and the chin.
I have even used the Foal to Yearling halter on a couple of my adult Thoroughbreds. One time I needed to quickly bring my 30-year-old Arabian in and the only halter I had with me was the Foal to Yearling halter. I quickly adjusted the straps and it fit him perfectly and I completed my task.
I strongly recommend the Foal to Yearling halter to anyone raising foals. After using the same ones for three foal crops, they look nearly new because they are made from high quality leather and buckles.”
--Debra Robertson, Otter Creek Farm
“I have used the Foal to Yearling halters on my foals since they first came on the market. They are high quality in both workmanship and materials. They fit well and are easy to adjust as my foals grow. And they save me money since I don’t have to buy two or three different sized halters as my youngsters grow.”
--Leigh Ann Howard, owner, breeder, trainer
“Thanks for the great halter. I really like it and it fits my new Welsh Pony great!”
--Cherie, Harter Thoroughbred Farm
The only Foal to Yearling Halter available.

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